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Food Solidarity Campaign

We recognize that food solidarity exists at the intersection of human and environmental rights. Our ongoing campaigns address this by providing direct support to those experiencing food insecurity while simultaneously supporting small farms.

As a result of COVID-19, an ongoing wildfire crisis and other existential threats caused by settler-colonial capitalism, tribal reservations and other isolated communities have been further separated from the distribution chain. It is our belief that energy spent reallocating resources from farm to mouth is a simple way we can help neutralize the threat of hunger in these communities.

We continue to work with small farmers across the state to support families on the Coquille Tribe's reservation on the Oregon Coast as well as delivering fresh produce to Portland’s Transition Projects.

We’re honored to get our hands dirty with the inspiring local farmers who we have partnered with to assist them in their harvests. It is a pleasure to deepen our relationship with them, the land and to the social-ecological web of food production and comradeship.

Food was grown and given freely by the following farms: Little Sun Farm, Empowered Flowers, Storybook Farm, Sweetleaf Farm, Wild Child Farm, Groundwork Organics, Full Plate Farm, Flying Onion Farm, Organic Redneck Growers, and more.

How can you help?

At the moment, teams are making contact with food producers and beginning to strategize collection, harvest, storage, and transportation of items. Here are ways you can get involved:

Connect us with a local farm or food producer, donate goods, donate funds which will go directly to the implementation of our food campaigns, sign up to volunteer with our next solidarity harvest by emailing us at willametteactioncollective@gmail.com

Organizations Wo Work With